How I Help

As a civic pride consultant, I can assist your efforts in shifting the trajectory of your town. Apathy does not have to run rampant and with some effort, people can once again be proud of the place they call home.

"Hope is not a strategy for improving your community. If you want to realize change, you are going to have to take action."
To get the ball rolling, schedule a Civic Health Assessment

$250 FEE

  • 60 minute Zoom call discussing the issues facing your community and strategies to begin to changing course.
  • Fee can be applied to other services.

Schedule a Civic Pride Workshop in your community

$5,000 FEE

  • Fight apathy head-on and begin the process of making your community one people can be proud of by scheduling a Civic Pride Workshop. The workshop begins with a public presentation on apathy. Understand how it takes hold, how it effects people, and how you can begin to combat its effects. This will be followed up by a hands-on civic pride activity where community members have a chance to experience the process of fighting apathy first hand.

Schedule a Civic Wellness Training (in person or online)

$5,000 FEE

  • Municipal councils, commissions and boards occasionally need reinvigorated. The civic wellness training provides government officials with a new way of approaching their work, by breaking down the 6 points of civic health and walking through planning activities to help incorporate them into their work.

Schedule a 3 Day Civic Assesment

$10,000 FEE

  • The 3 Day Civic Assessment is an opportunity to convene an honest conversation around the topics keep communities from living up to their potential. In shortcutting the traditional planning process and focusing on the simple yet hard truths, communities can save significant resources and not end up with another document that provides direction with no action.
  • Agenda
    Day 1 – Tour town with hosts and meet with local leadership groups, including city officials
    Day 2 – Meet with additional stakeholder groups, including business and building owners
    Day 3 – Develop and present findings back to community
  • The result of the 3 Day CivicAssessment will be a public presentation regarding the recommendations to combat the effects of apathy by fostering a sense of community pride. The recommendations will be centered around the 5 points of civic pride: identity; aesthetics; community; standards and engagement. Most critically though, these recommendations are based on actionable steps that can be put into effect quickly, thus effecting change and building momentum immediately.