February 23, 2023

I am here to tell you about a revolutionary new product! It’s the latest from the Revitalize, or Die.’s labs in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and it promises to completely change the way you go about improving your community. It’s called Clean-Up! ! Yes, that’s correct…Clean-Up!Clean-Up! utilizes the most advanced community development technology available on the market today. 

After years of experimentation, we finally stumbled upon the winning cocktail of ingredients that will transform your town. Effort, purpose, and people- when combined in a very non-specific fashion will revolutionize the way you go about improving your place. 

Here is just a short list of the things Clean-Up! can do for your community:

  • Boost community moral 
  • Enhance residents’ quality of life 
  • Bolster civic pride
  • Combat apathy
  • Increase tourism 
  • Enhance marketing efforts 
  • Improve business retention and recruitment efforts
  • Increase property values 
  • Expand tax base 
  • Generate excitement and momentum 

Clean-Up! can’t be bought in stores. Experts and expensive plans can’t get you Clean-Up! 

No amount of community input or engagement will provide you with Clean-Up! either.

Tired of committee meetings that only end up being a circular bitch-session about parking? Try Clean-Up!

Tired of people talking trash about how much they hate their town? Try Clean-Up!

Tired of paying for extravagant plans that end up being used as kindling or oversized coasters? Try Clean-Up!

Tired of being promised another silver bullet solution every five years that fails to change the way anyone feels about your city?All together now… Try Clean-Up!

Sound too good to be true? Maybe it is, but who cares! It doesn’t cost anything and if everything goes sideways, at worst, you will have a cleaner community. 

I was once like you, overwhelmed with where to get started when it came to trying to improve my community. Frustrated at seeing people leave town, angry that no one seemed to care, wondering what went wrong and what I could do to fix it. Then something amazing happened, I looked around and noticed that everything was ugly and in disrepair. That is when I stumbled upon the concept of Clean-Up!

Clean-Up! consists of noticing things that are unattractive, unsightly or unkempt and improving their appearance. Trash in a tree well? Clean-Up! Buckling sidewalks? Clean-Up! Building in disrepair? Clean-Up! Clean-Up! works on every type of surface and can be utilized by nearly anyone. 

Clean-Up! utilizes a simple method of applying effort consistently over time to improve the appearance of a place. When applied repeatedly, the aforementioned place becomes more attractive, more inviting, and more lovable. Over time, Clean-Up! has the power to reduce apathy by making people feel good about their town again. Clean-Up! makes people feel happy, excited, and even proud of the place they live. 

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. For an unlimited time, you can try Clean-Up! on your yard or block. If you found that putting in some effort to make your street look a little nicer made you feel good about yourself and better about your place, then Clean-Up! might just work for you! 

Try Clean-Up! today. Share it with your friends and neighbors. Bring it to your next committee meeting. Talk to city council about Clean-Up! 

Clean-Up! improving civic morale since the advent of civilization! 

***Warning, Clean-Up! is habit-forming and can be done while drinking. 

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