Jeff Siegler
"Mr. Siegler took a tough topic and drilled home the importance of a positive, active Board and how a few simple changes can, in turn, make great strives to accomplishing a shared goal."


Executive Director, Downtown West Allis

Jeff has assisted hundreds of communities with their revitalization, economic sustainability, and community development over the course of his career. Utilizing a background in urban planning, downtown district management, revitalization, real estate, economics and organizational development, his diverse background and expertise lends a unique vantage point for addressing community concerns.

What Jeff lacks in patience and eloquence, he makes up for in passion and honesty. He believes revitalizing communities is the most important work we can do. Revitalization has the power to transform people’s lives by fostering a stronger sense of community. Revitalization enhances quality of life, it provides people with more enriching experiences, and Jeff has dedicated himself to killing apathy- one town at a time.

When Jeff is not agitating benevolent community volunteers, he dedicates his agitation efforts at his lovely wife Amber and their four occasionally obedient children. Like the story of so many downtowns, his life is a progress in work and a work in progress. Jeff enjoys books, bourbon and bikes, and none in moderation.